Electric Scooter Scooter 3000W 20Ah



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It makes even a short ride an unforgettable adventure.

Equipped with one of the best 3000 Watt brushless motors (4000 Watt unlocked) and more capacious: 20Ah and durable 60 Volt lithium-ion batteries of the latest generation. Replaceable and suitcase batteries.

Max. speed :

~ 25 km / h - ECO mode for rental companies

~ 45 km / h - standard

~ 65 km / h - on customer's request - speed unlocking *

Range on one charge assuming driving in ECO mode:

From 60 to 80 kilometers for a model with a 20 Ah battery


German brand: AMGroup BIKE

Model: 1.7C-B20

Powerful electric motor: Brushless 3000 Watt / 4000 Watt

Range on a single charge: From 60 to 80 kilometers, assuming factors that optimally affect the range of the scooter

Speed max. :

25 km / h - for rental companies

45 km / h - standard

65 km / h - on customer's request - speed increase

Capacity (load capacity): 200 kg / 146 kg. Approval

Strong, replaceable batteries: 20Ah Lithium-Ion

Full charge time: from 3-4 hours with the SUPER CHARGER charger to 6-8 hours with the standard charger

Service life of a replaceable battery: more than 1,500 charging cycles

Brakes: Front and rear hydraulic disc brake

Dimensions L / W / H: 210 cm x 85 cm x 129 c

Large inflatable wheels with tubeless tires:

front: ⇒ ALUFELGA / 18 inch wheel, 24 cm wide

rear: ⇒ ALUFELGA / 18 inch wheel, 24 cm wide

Weight: 75 kg


Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes

Front shock absorbers and two rear gas shock absorbers with adjustable hardness settings

Halogen front and rear lighting

Direction indicators

Electronic counter that displays a number of information necessary for the driver in addition to the speed and the battery charge indication


Two keys


Steering wheel lock


Passenger backrest made of eco leather


and FREE !!! :

⇒ Scooter cover

⇒ Professional smartphone holder

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