EcoBike SX5 20" electric bike, engine 560W 35 km/h



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EcoBike SX5 20" electric bike, engine 560W 35 km/h

Battery included 36V 16Ah (range from 80 km to 160 km)

The Ecobike SX looks like it was drawn with one stroke, but its design is the result of complex work. The frame has been designed such a way to fit the entire battery, maintaining good ergonomics and be solid at the same time. We have obtained a durable construction that holds the battery well, and its insertion and removal has become more convenient. As always with all Ecobike bikes, you can configure your bike with batteries of different capacities: 13 and 16 Ah. The size of the battery has a direct impact on the length of the range.

Our proven electrical system, which we have used on our bikes for years and are constantly improving, is responsible for a unique riding experience and reliable assistance. The powerful and maintenance-free Bafang motor, which drives the rear wheel, will allow you to climb hills and will not fail even in difficult conditions. Thanks to the modern controller, you will not have to worry about the power unit - the system will take care of itself while you are enjoying the ride.

Average distances for each battery:

• 36V 16Ah LG - 80-160 km (included in the price of the bike)

* The given description refers to a bicycle equipped with a 36V 16Ah battery

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